Council Representation

Council Composition

Bainbridge Island is divided into three wards: north, central, and south. View the Ward Map (PDF) illustrating the ward boundaries. Each ward is required to be in proportion to the population and to be as nearly equal in population as possible in accordance with RCW 29.70.100(4). In August 2002, the City Council held a public hearing to discuss revisions of the current ward system. The public hearing revealed the public's support of a three-ward system, and the council determined a redistricting plan to meet this criteria.

The Council system consists of two representatives from each ward and an "at-large" Council member representing the Island as a whole. Council members are elected in staggered years to increase the likelihood of contested elections.

Each ward is represented on the City Council by two Council members, and one Council member is elected to represent the city at large. City Council positions are divided up as such:

  • Positions four and five are assigned to the central ward
  • Position numbers two and seven are assigned to the north ward
  • Positions numbers three and six are assigned to the south ward
  • Position number one shall be elected from the city at-large

For further information, the redistricting plan is explained in Ordinance 2002-25 (PDF).

North Ward (BIMC Chapter 2.06.020)
The north ward shall consist of voting precincts 321, 328, 330, 332, 335, 340 and 345 which generally is that territory within the city limits lying north of Koura Road and east of Miller Road, south along Miller Road to and along the south edge of precinct 321, then north along Sportsman Club Road to State Route 305, and then east along the south boundary of precinct 328 (which follows Murden Beach Drive due east until it meets the Puget Sound).

South Ward (BIMC Chapter 2.06.030)
The south ward shall consist of voting precincts 310, 312, 314, 317, 320, 325 and 333 except that portion of precinct 333 lying north of Wyatt Way and east of Finch Road, which generally is that territory within the city limits lying south of Koura Road and west of Miller Road.

South along Miller Road and Fletcher Bay Road to and along High School Road, then south along Finch Road to Wyatt Way and along Wyatt Way to the western terminus of Wyatt Way, and lying west of a line extending from the western terminus of Wyatt Way to the centerline of Eagle Harbor.

Central Ward (BIMC Chapter 2.06.040)
The central ward shall consist of voting precincts 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, those portions of 314 lying east of Finch Road and south of Wyatt Way but north of Eagle Harbor, 314 and 322, which generally is that territory within the city limits lying between the North Ward and the South Ward.