Amendment Process

Growth Management Act Requirements

As required by the Growth Management Act, the city has established a procedure and schedule whereby proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are considered by the City Council, and evaluated concurrently so the cumulative effect of the various proposals can be ascertained.

Amendment Consideration

The city considers amendments to the Comprehensive Plan every three years and generally accepts these applications after a required pre-application conference. A determination of whether the request is considered a regular or extended amendment is made at the pre-application conference. (Bainbridge Island Municipal Code 2.16.190).

Application Process

Download the application form (PDF) the deadline for applications is February 28, 2013. Note that only those amendment applications that have completed pre-application conferences will be accepted.

Amendment Request Types

There are two types of Comprehensive Plan Amendment requests:

  • Regular amendments include amendment requests that are generally consistent with the vision, goals, and policies of the adopted Comprehensive Plan.
  • Extended amendments include amendment requests that differ from the vision, goals, or policies of the adopted Comprehensive Plan and can demonstrate that community values, priorities, needs, and trends have sufficiently changed to justify a fundamental shift in the Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedures

The city’s process for reviewing Comprehensive Plan Amendments is contained in BIMC Chapter 2.16.190. Evaluation of the application is based on the adopted decision criteria provided in the code.

Prior to submittal of an amendment request, a pre-application conference is required. Each Comprehensive Plan Amendment requires a written evaluation for compatibility with the Comprehensive Plan, an environmental analysis, and staff recommendation, presented to the Planning Commission for consideration.

Planning Commission Duties

The Planning Commission is required to conduct a public hearing on the amendment requests and to form a recommendation to approve, deny, or approve with modification each of the applications based on the decision criteria. The Planning Commission’s findings and conclusions are forwarded to the City Council for review and final decision. Public comment on the applications is accepted throughout the review process and may be submitted in writing or as oral testimony at the public hearing.

City Council Duties

The City Council considers the amendment applications together and may hold another public hearing for an application. Public comment is also accepted during Council review, and written or oral statements may be submitted at the second reading or public hearing. Council must consider the staff and Planning Commission recommendations, determine if each of the applications meets the required decision criteria, and base the decision on consideration of the record, citing findings and conclusions. The council may approve, deny, or approve with modification the proposed amendment.