Citywide Workplan Priorities

In January 2019, the City Council and City staff together identified key tasks and initiatives for the coming year. These priorities represent areas of additional focus, new activities, or items of particular community significance, and often have a multi-year planning horizon. The Citywide Workplan helps the organization track progress and next steps of those tasks and initiatives, and to detect unexpected challenges or capacity issues.

City staff provide status reports of the workplan priorities semi-annually to identify progress, add other emerging significant activities, and to help inform planning and the budget cycles. Mid-year workplan reports group tasks either by department (e.g., Executive, Finance, Public Works, etc.) or by strategic goal. While tasks grouped by department allow City staff to track status and capacity internally, grouping tasks according to strategic goal provides additional perspective into the "why" of Citywide work. The strategic goals of the Citywide Workplan Priorities are: Safety, Environment, Livability, and Community. 

Mid-Year Reporting (as of June 30th, 2019)

Across the organization, results at mid-year indicate that a majority of the City’s 2019 workplan priorities are on track or continuing with a manageable level of disruption/delay. Several items have experienced some degree of timing delay ("Some Disruption") but are continuing towards completion. Only a very few isolated tasks have been deferred due to capacity or other issues ("Major Disruption").

Status of the City’s workplan priorities will be reported again at year-end (December 31, 2019) to help inform planning for 2020 and for the next biennial budget cycle (2021-2022). The Comprehensive Implementation Work Plan also provides additional information and semi-annual reporting on the City's Comprehensive Plan efforts.